The mesmerising quality of country house hotels in cotswolds brings back memories of how the first hotel came to being. No doubt, it used to be a castle where a king or queen once ruled. As tradition would have it, the royalty invited guests in the palace who were treated royally with all the trappings of wealth.

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What the First Ever Hotel Was Like

In fact, many hotels in Europe used to be palaces. Other places in the world would reverse-engineer the process by subsequently building castle-like structures and calling them hotels. Regardless of who owns these magnificent dwellings, the basic concept of a hotel remains the same.

Home Sweet Home in a Faraway Land

It's a sojourn in a faraway land with all the amenities that make the hotel guests feel like they never left home at all. This home-sweet-home approach often goes overboard, to the extent that overworked parents often go into a hotel to get away from the pressures of raising children and job stress. Honeymoons are notorious for accomplishing the same purpose.

Country house hotels in Cotswolds partake of the same concept. Out here, it were as if times had not changed or were these establishments frozen in time? The rich or landed gentry often invited their family friends over. The guests, in return, expected nothing less and savoured the world-class stay in the sprawling countryside.

Where Customer Service Isn't Just an Art but a Way of Life

They often came home with lavish if not exaggerated reports of how they spent days with the royals. That's why to deliver sub-par customer service in the hotels business is to destroy the very reason why these places exist in the first place. In the United Kingdom, the hotel tradition is stronger than ever.

Hotel Amenities Give Guests Something to Report Back Home

New amenities come to exist such as high-tech showers that can't possibly scald a visitor or an organic soap that cleans as it pampers the skin. And as human nature would have it, the guests often yearned to take home a piece of those thirsty as well as luxurious towels. After all, titled families often showered their departing guests with baskets of goodies.

Bringing Home Hotel Mementos and Tipping Are More Related Than You Think

If guests were showered with gifts when they leave, these people in turn, gave back something in return as a part of the custom. That's why tipping is expected and with often unwritten yet highly enforced rates for rewarding excellent service.

UK hotels are strategically located in major cities as well as the countryside. However, this wasn't one well-conceived plan. It was just the natural evolution of the way royalty, the rich and the landed gentry treated their guests. The tradition lives and is likely to persist until the end of time.

Hotels: A Timeless Human Invention

Increased world travel, migration, and nostalgia all combine to keep the hotel business alive and well. Who says that only the salmon tends to go back to the exact same spot where it was born? Humans, too, are possessed of the same spirit. Apart from seeking out new places, going back to one's hometown is as much a strong motivation for seeking out a temporary shelter where the service is often expected to be second to none.